Opening Hours

The Funicular is open all year round
...even in winter!
Monday : 11am - 6pm
Tuesday : 11am - 6pm
      Wednesday : 11am - 6pm
  Thursday : 11am - 6pm
Friday :     11am - 6pm
  Saturday : 11am - 6pm
Sunday : 11am - 6pm

Payment : cash only 
ATM available at the lower station


Single rate of $4.00 CAD taxes includedper ride.



There are no tickets for the Funicular. 

You simply pay upon arrival to the operator.


The ride is free for children under 46 inches.


The Funicular is free of charge for our wheelchair customers. 

Due to weather, the wheelchair access is available during spring, summer and fall, but closed during the winter.


Strollers are permitted in the Funicular, but must be folded for the kids' safety.


Pets are allowed to take the Funicular, free of charge.