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Built by William Griffith, the first funicular went into operation on November 17th, 1879. The cabins scaled up and down the escarpment by means of a counterweight water process and steam power. 

In 1907, Alexander Cummings converted the funicular to electrical power.

On July 2nd 1945, a massive fire destroyed the structure. Reconstructed in 1946, the new funicular was equipped with metal shelters.

In 1978, major renovations were undertaken and glass cabins offered a panoramic view of the St-Lawrence river.

In 1998, the funicular was entirely revamped with modern technology.

In 2004, the funicular celebrated 125 years of services. A book was published and the event was commemorated with a statue.

This is the only funicular of its kind in America.

House of Louis Jolliet

The main entrance of the funicular is located in the historic House Louis Jolliet, 16 Petit-Champlain Street, in the heart of Old Quebec and near Place-Royale. This house was built in 1683 by the architect Baillif for Louis Jolliet. He lived here until his death in 1700.


It was restored in 1978.

Who is Louis Jolliet?

Louis Jolliet was born in Quebec City in 1645. In 1666, he devoted his time to fur trading. Most importantly, during one of his expedition, he discovered the Mississippi River with Father Jacques Marquette. Jolliet was also cartographer and hydrographer.


He was the first Quebec born canadian to make history.

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